August 12, 2017
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Twice today, I've had people argue with me about "necessary" oils and the "good fats". I'm at a loss how to respond to them, they both have health issues, but are obviously listening to the wrong doctors. Any suggestions? 
6 years ago
I am glad you found the answer already in our resources but here they are in case others need them. [url=/blog/health-issues/coconut-oil-and-magic-marketing][/url] [url=/articles/is-olive-oil-really-heart-healthy][/url][url=/articles/is-olive-oil-really-heart-healthy][/url] In my [url=/starch-smart-system]Starch-Smart System[/url] you will note that there are four levels to choose from depending on an individuals goals which vary from person to person. A healthy athletic teenager does not need to restrict their "healthy" fats in the same way that a person who is looking to reverse diseases or lose weight would. I would suggest it is a good idea to download my PDF at [url=][/url] and compare the various headings and how they change based on the levels: [url=/starch-smart-system/starch-smartish]Starch-Smartish[/url], [url=/starch-smart-system/starch-smart]Starch-Smart[/url], [url=/starch-smart-system/starch-smarter]Starch-Smarter[/url] and [url=/starch-smart-system/starch-smartest]Starch-Smartest[/url]. In particular look at the headings "
[b]Oils, Nuts, Seeds, and other High-Fat Foods[/b]
" and "
[b]Salt & Sugar[/b]
." I believe you will find this a well balanced approach. These issues are discussed in some of my videos including "[url=/shop/dvds-streaming-media/why-we-do-what-we-do]Why We Do What We Do?[/url]", "[url=/shop/dvds-streaming-media/cancer-prevention-women-s-health]Cancer Prevention & Women's Health[/url]" and also "[url=/shop/dvds-streaming-media/perfect-health-requires-perfect-circulation]Perfect Health Requires Perfect Circulation[/url]".
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