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Plant-Strong Kid-Friendly Snack Ideas

Plant-Strong Kid-Friendly Snack Ideas

If you're starting to make the transition to a whole-food, plant-based diet, then you have probably noticed that eating out can be quite a challenge. Social gatherings can also be intimidating, frustrating, tempting, and honestly... sometimes depressing. Add to this the responsibility of caring for children who may not want to appear different and compliance can become a source of tension. Don't despair though, it can get easier with a little time, planning ahead and some creativity!

You may become anxious about someone asking you why your family is eating only "rabbit food." You might have a hard time finding something healthy to eat when there's only grease, sugar, fat and salt served. You sometimes fear that the gooey desserts may be calling your name, and especially the names of your children. But most of all, after you've educated yourself, your desire is for everyone you know to eat a healthier diet. Your heart becomes heavy seeing your friends, and their children, gobble down their bacon-double cheeseburgers, knowing the possible health complications. How do we encourage them to make more healthful choices without being obnoxious and scaring them off?

Enter a little creativity. One blog post on the Engine2 Diet site features a Plant-Strong mother, Amber, who found herself in the same predicament regarding a school picnic. What did she do? I love it. Even though they asked her to bring desserts she brought some of the most appealing kid-friendly fruit and vegetable trays I have ever seen. She also brought separate food for her family. Note to self: Always bring food with you!

Children can be encouraged to eat healthy facts by making those snacks 'fun' for them. Enjoy this video of Tricks to Get Kids to Eat Healthier at Home by Dr. Michael Greger of NutritionFacts.org.

Below are some clever resources for kid-friendly snacks:

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