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Bonebreaker Interview on Happy Herbivore

Bonebreaker Interview on Happy Herbivore

We are always grateful for grateful patients, especially when they are giving a shout-out to Dr. Carney in popular online interviews!  This one I want to share for quite a few reasons.  First and formost is that Mike is the unlikeliest person you would ever think of as adopting a plant-based animal-friendly lifestlye.  He goes by the name of Bonebreaker and he is one BIG BAD BOY, and a Gentle Giant to boot.  Mike can curl more weight in one arm repetitively than I weigh!  We have seen videos of him lifting a huge wrestler off the floor and hoisting him above his head before throwing him.  Yes, he appears to be a bit of a brute and he does enjoy the persona. But, on the other hand, Mike's motto now is to "USE YOUR STRENGTH TO HELP OTHERS" and he has been gifted with a LOT of strengh so, in turn, he has a lot of do-gooding to do!

Mike is a unique companion for Dr. Carney and myself but we do love him and he loves us. We have written about Mike previously in our Success Stories section of this web site which we call "Gems" and also shared some of his story in a previous blog: Big Bald Mike Loses 142 lbs In 18 Months.  Today's big new is that he was just featured on the Blog of Lindsay Nixon the author of The Happy Herbivore and numerous other excellent low-fat plant-based cookbooks.  Mike (aka Bonebreaker) is the Happy Herbivore Herbie of the Week this week.  The timing is excellent for Mike to be promoted because he is also doing an IndieGoGo Fund-raising Campaign to raise monies to help him complete the book he is writing.  And, he has just under two more days and about $1,510 to go of a $10,000 goal at the time of this writing. You might want to consider doing Mike a favor and SHARING this post with others!  Maybe even share a little love as he is coming down to the wire!

We also hope that Mike will consider one day writing a blog on our Starch-Smart® Community Web Site. He would be challenged to 'soften and subdue' some aspects of his persona in order to fit into the family-friendly environment.  But, we believe that, after all Mike has been through, he is man enough for the challenge!  

Mike, if you are out there we are chasing after you!  :-)  We love you man!

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