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"Criminal Behavior of the Pharmaceutical Industry"

"Criminal Behavior of the Pharmaceutical Industry"

Dr. John McDougall has stated numerous times that he's "not trying to win a popularity contest" or be "politically correct." His passion for seeking and presenting valuable truths is highly commended. We applaud his boldness and dedication for exposing hidden practices in the health care industry. For example, in his September 2005 Newsletter, he recommends that we read how the pharmaceutical industry "has no morals—they will lie and cheat to make a profit no matter how much it hurts the ones you love." (The two books in the photo.) These are strong words, but are spoken out of a genuine concern for our health and welfare.

Dr. McDougall also recommends a free, on-line resource, The Hidden Big Business Behind Your Doctor's Diagnosis. This article explains how the pharmaceutical industry has "commandeered the process by which diseases are defined" resulting in "skyrocketing sales of prescription drugs, soaring health-care costs, and escalating patient anxiety." The article points out, "millions of people taking drugs that may carry a greater risk than the underlying condition. The treatment, in fact, may make them sick or even kill them."

This is an excellent article; however, along with Dr. McDougall, we are not recommending that you stop taking or begin reducing your prescription medications on your own. This can have serious consequences. Please research our website thoroughly and the websites of the other plant-based doctors regarding how dietary excellence can help you discontinue or minimize your need for pharmaceutical drugs that are commonly prescribed for chronic dietary-induced illness. You will then be equipped to share this information with your own health care professional. "VegDocs" is also a great resource that may help you locate a physician near you that's familiar with plant-based nutrition. Dr. McDougall's article can be seen here.

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