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Athens Texas Mini Starch-Smart® Seminar by Dr. Carney

Athens Texas Mini Starch-Smart® Seminar by Dr. Carney

We know this invitation is not convenient for everybody but we wanted to let people living near Athens Texas know that Dr. Carney will be giving an abridged version of her Starch-Smart® Seminar this coming Saturday at 3:00 PM. She has been invited to give a Health Lecture at a Regional Prayer Conference in Athens, Texas. This meeting is primarily for people attending the Prayer Conference although we know that anybody wanting to attend Dr. Carney's lecture will be more than welcome to come! If you are interested in attending please consider joining Dr. Carney at the Seventh-day Adventist operated Lone Star Campground. She will only be speaking for this one session on Saturday August 2 at 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Her talk will be an abridged version of her regular series and will touch upon the subjects of perfect circulation for peak brain performance, the connection between estrogen and cancer as well as the process of addiction and Why We do What We Do. She will end with her "Ask the Doc" session where she responds to questions previously submitted in writing by the attendees. Please forward this to your friends living near Athens who might want to attend.

For more information, including a map and directions: Click Here to Visit our Event Announcement.

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