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Dr. Carney Speaking for PlantPure Summit 2016

Dr. Carney Speaking for PlantPure Summit 2016

Please Accept a Free Viewing of "Why We Do What We Do - Controlling Cravings" to Celebrate Dr. Carney Being Invited to Speak at PlantPure Summit 2016


Note: This free offer has been extended until the end of September because we did not want to compete for the video viewing audience of PlantPure Summit 2016.

Go ahead now and watch ALL of the PlantPure Summit 2016 videos while they are available. Then watch "Why We Do What We Do?" at your leisure during the rest of September. 

Dr. Carney is grateful to have been invited to speak for PlantPure Summit 2016. She will be speaking on Women's Health.

PlantPure Summit 2016 is from September 7th-16th, 2016 and will be an online event featuring dozens of Lifestyle and Healthcare Experts. A health summit like this has never been done before so become a part of history and sign up to attend.

As a token of her appreciation to the organizers of PlantPure Summit 2016 Dr. Carney gave away free viewings of her popular video entitled: "Why We Do What We Do? - Controlling Cravings." The video was available for FREE 72 hour rentals until PlantPure Summit 2016 ended. 

Since then we have made all of Dr. Carney's videos available for FREE streaming. 

Linda Carney MD spoke on Women's Health. 

You really won't want to miss this. 

Your Action Items:

  1. Sign up for PlantPure Summit 2016: http://plantpuresummit.com/ref/81/

  2. Watch My Free Streaming Video: https://www.drcarney.com/shop/dr-carney-videos/why-we-do-what-we-do

  3. Purchase the PlantPure Summit Recording: http://plantpuresummit.com/speaker-linda-carney/

PlantPure Summit 2016 Promotional Video:

The PlantPure Summit 2016 team created a video highlighting Linda Carney MD as a speaker, but it is no longer available online. 

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