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Are Plant Foods Low-Fat or No-Fat?

Are Plant Foods Low-Fat or No-Fat?
Because I emphasize a low-fat version of a whole-food, plant-based diet, some people may think that I consider all fat a bad thing. That's absolutely untrue. The human body requires fat. Our bodies use fat for for energy, to help us absorb certain vitamins and minerals, and to build the membranes of our body's more...
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Sue Louise Gilmore
Love this! No such thing as a no-fat diet if we get enough calories. Totally amazed me the first time I learned that even lettuce ... Read More
Tuesday, February 20 2018 18:20
Chris Dove
There are no "good" fats. Only "essential" fats in adequate quantities.
Tuesday, February 20 2018 19:50
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Ken's Type-1 Diabetes Journey: Part 4 - My Story

Ken's Type-1 Diabetes Journey: Part 4 - My Story
Guest Blogger Contribution.
The year 1988 was a pivotal year for me. Prior to 1988 and even the early part of 1988, my health and physical ability was median normal with all my friends and family. In 1972, I was drafted into the US Army and underwent basic combat training for service in the Vietnam War....
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