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How to Make Non-Dairy Milks

How to Make Non-Dairy Milks
One of the first changes people make after deciding to go plant-based is swapping out their dairy milk for a plant-based option. The refrigerated aisle at the grocery store has plenty of choices — soy, almond, and rice are all popular alternatives. (Coconut milk is also available, but has a very high amount of saturated fat.)...
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Joshua Pritikin
I've found that to get it to taste really close to cow milk, you need to add some lemon and nutritional yeast. For example, for a ... Read More
Tuesday, November 08 2016 07:37
Sean Carney
Thank you Joshua Pritikin,I will try that. Thanks for the suggestion. Quite clever actually!And, thank you for signing up here as ... Read More
Wednesday, November 09 2016 09:58
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