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Smoking Promotes Impotence

Limp Cigarette in Fingers
Cigarette smoking is an established risk factor for erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence. In fact, in 2014, the acting surgeon general of the United States added erectile dysfunction to the list of health problems that can be caused by smoking. Among men under the age of 40, cigarette smoking is the biggest cause of erectile dysf...
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Russell Prentice
Is it possible to perform CT scans on the penile artery like the scans that can be done on the heart to check for penile artery at... Read More
Monday, January 28 2019 11:37
Sean Carney
Russell,We have seen the movie "The Game Changers" twice now and a very convincing part of the movie for many of the young men wat... Read More
Monday, January 28 2019 12:14
Sean Carney
Monday, January 28 2019 12:14
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