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No Spare Parts

No Spare Parts
Guest Blogger Contribution.
For much of human's history of biological knowledge, the appendix has been considered an organ without a purpose. If you Google, "Appendix Function", the first explanation is, "The function of the appendix is unknown." It is deemed a vestigial structure. There are, however, numerous theories. One theory, that actually fits testing, is that...
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Sean Carney
I love the theory. You may be on to something here! Sean
Friday, January 13 2017 19:23
Chris Dove
I like the theory, however,as a 30 year plant-based eater, I do see undigested kernels pass. And I do possess an appendix. Either... Read More
Saturday, January 14 2017 17:52
Sean Carney
There was somebody else who commented on Facebook that she thought the other issue might be that some of us don't chew our corn en... Read More
Saturday, January 14 2017 18:57
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