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Can a Starch-Smart® diet help to reduce menopause symptoms?

One of the many benefits of consuming a Starch Smart diet is its ability to reduce and perhaps even prevent many menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, food cravings, depression, irritability and anxiety. This is due to reduced estrogen levels circulating in women who consume a Starch Smart diet. The typical American diet, which is very low in fiber and high in saturated fat and dairy hormones, increases estrogen levels, exposing women to higher levels throughout their adulthood, whereas a high-fiber, lower fat diet significantly reduces estrogen levels. During menopause, when the ovaries cease to produce estrogen, women consuming high-fat, low-fiber diets will experience a sudden and dramatic drop in estrogen, which causes the symptoms. In contrast, women consuming a Starch Smart diet before and during menopause, already have lower estrogen levels and consequently, will experience very mild symptoms or perhaps none at all.

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