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Can many childhood illnesses be avoided when consuming a Starch-Smart® diet?

Scientific research indicates that our bodies have an incredibly strong immune system which is capable of preventing, defending, and repairing itself against disease causing microbes.  This can only happen when our bodies are given the proper fuel.  Yet today, American children consume less than 2% of of their diet from whole, natural, plant foods, and 25% of toddlers between the ages of one and two eat no fruits or vegetables at all.  Sadly, at 15 months, French fries are the most common vegetable eaten in the U.S.  These children become adults who consequently consume 90% of their daily calories from refined white flour, sugar, oil, and dairy.  These foods are severely deficient of micronutrients that support a strong immune system, thus causing frequent illness. Plant foods, however, contain tens of thousands of powerful micronutrients that prevent illness. Childhood illnesses such as recurring ear and respiratory infections, head and stomach aches, allergies, leukemias and lymphomas, asthma, bed wetting, appendicitis, strep throat, acne, gastrointestinal disorders, iron-deficiency anemia, ADHD and even autoimmune diseases can largely be avoided and more effectively managed by consuming an excellent diet rich in whole, nutrient-dense, plant foods. 

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