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What about back pain and exercise?

If you suffer from back pain, it's always best to consult your personal physician before starting an exercise routine. Dr. John McDougall offers some advice concerning back pain and exercise in his April/May 1999 McDougall Newsletter. Click on the link to view the entire article.

"Regular exercise may be the most potent weapon against back pain. Regular aerobic exercise and strength training sessions can increase your aerobic capacity, improve overall muscle tone, help you lose extra weight that stresses the back, and most importantly, strengthen the muscles of the torso to help support your spine and prevent back injuries. A term commonly used now in the fitness industry is "core stability", "core", referring to the center, or torso, of the body, and "stability", referring to the ability to stabilize the spine using muscle strength. By strengthening the muscles of the stomach and back, these muscles act as a back brace to support the spine and maintain good posture. In addition to core stability, strengthening the muscles of the upper and lower body will improve balance and help in preventing falls."

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