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These are Your Abs... on Plant Foods

These are Your Abs... on Plant Foods

Meet Frank Medrano...an exceptional and powerful bodybuilder known for his "superhuman" bodyweight calisthenics. Medrano's impressive ability to defy the law of gravity astounds many. Watch one of his amazing workouts here. What may be even more surprising is that Medrano's phenomenal fitness is exclusively powered by whole plant foods. Frank Medrano joins a growing number of athletes and bodybuilders who are realizing that athletes can use plant-based nutrition not only to increase muscle mass, endurance and strength, they can lower their body fat, and shorten their recovery time. The majority of his diet comes from whole grains, breads and pastas, a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, nuts and nut butters, and almond milk.

For 30 years Medrano ate meat like most people. He then noticed how out of shape he was becoming. Although he wanted to build muscle, and become faster and stronger, he felt tired, slow and weak and his omnivore diet wasn't helping. Two of his body building friends introduced him to a plant-based diet. They helped him with meal plans and answered all of his questions. "Within 2-3 months, Frank was feeling all the amazing benefits of a plant-based diet. The most notable were the increase in energy – 'real high energy' – and quicker recovery times. He calls the benefits of a plant-based diet 'super wellness.' Through trial and error, Frank discovered his new favorite foods, and within 2-4 weeks, he was on track and feeling great."

The results Medrano experienced inspired him and his two friends to create a Website, Facebook, and YouTube page where they educate and inspire others regarding the benefits of a plant-centered diet. Most people are shocked when they discover that his diet doesn't include any animal products. Medrano encourages everyone to watch the life-saving documentary Forks Over Knives and for those that are interested in enhancing athletic performance, he recommends vegan body builder Robert Cheeke's website.

 For more information regarding athletic performance on a whole-food, plant-based diet, see my Pinterest board.

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