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Are plant protein powders part of a healthy plant-based diet?
I have heard a number of whole food, plant-based doctors advocate that WFPB eaters should avoid using protein power, even plant-based powders.  Is there any research that anyone can cite showing negative effects of using plant protein powder?  I have plant-based friends...
  1.   Started on January 1, 2019
Olive oil and inflammation
Dr. Carney, I posed a question to you on the McDougall support group site and you suggested I post it here so here I go: I want to better understand an issue with olive oil. First let me say I take the attitude that oils are not necessary for our health and are generally harmful...
  1.   Started on July 6, 2017
May I post some of my vegan cooking recipe videos on DrCarney.com?
Sean, Right after I wrote my previous reply, I shared the link on my Happy Vegan Couple Facebook page, Vegan Tucson and my own Timeline. I told all to check out Dr. Linda Carney! Happy too!  Is it appropriate or not on your web site for me to post any of my Happy Vegan Couple Coo...
  1.   Started on July 8, 2017
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