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Is Metabolic Damage Real?
Hello everyone, I was wondering if metabolic damage real. It is a topic heavily discussed in the high-carb vegan community. Metabolic damage is the damage caused by long term calorie restriction, either through dieting or eating disorders. People who have a history of calorie res...
  1.   Started on June 23, 2017
Why do plant-based doctors advise those trying to lose weight to avoid healthy fats such as nuts and avocado?
Hello everyone, I was wondering why plant-based doctors  such as Dr.Esselytn and Dr.Mcdougall discorage the use of healthy fats, while others like  Dr.Fuhrman encourages the use of fats to lose weight and for overall health. I find this to be confusing.  Many of Dr.Mcdougalls rec...
  1.   Started on June 8, 2017
Weight training on a vegan diet
Hi everyone, recently started weight training a week ago. I do three days of heavy weightlifting and 2 days of cardio. The program I'm doing is Chelean Extreme from Beachbody. It focuses on building muscle to speed your metabolism. It focuses heavily on muscle fatigue. I'm seeing...
  1.   Started on July 17, 2017
Are plantains considered a fruit or a starch in the starch smart program?
Hi everyone, I saw some plantains for sell this week, and they were super cheap. They were less than a dollar. Are plantains considered a fruit, like a banana? I know when they are green they are starchier, and when they ripen they taste sweet like bananas....
  1.   Started on June 14, 2017
Tips for Bariatric vegans
Hello everyone, five years ago I had weightloss surgery. I had the gastric sleeve surgery. I lose almost a hundred pounds but I quickly gained most of it back due to my poor eating habits and stress. I could eat a lot more now, but not as much as used to. I could eat a regular ad...
  1.   Started on June 9, 2017
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