We have been thinking for awhile of a simple illustration to demonstrate the most efficient, in many ways, lifestyle for sustaining life on this planet. The image we want to share with you here attempts to make our Starch-Smart® System clear and conc...
  1.   October 8, 2013
  2.   Starch-Smart®
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As of July 2013 I will have been a patient of Dr. Carney for two and a half years. We were looking for a new doctor since we had just moved to Texas, and Dr. Carney accepted our insurance. My husband needed to find one quickly since he had problems w...
  1.   September 7, 2013
  2.   Weight Loss Success
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Live-in Lifestyle programs are an exciting way to experience first hand the benefits of an All Plant Diet. Dr. Carney appears in this video to discusses her previous duties at a week-long local health improvement program at the time called The Engine...
  1.   August 22, 2013
  2.   Resources Promotion
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As depicted in the Starch-Smart® Logo: Health is gained by eating foods deriving their energy directly from the Sun. This is the Starch-Smart® cycle of life! The closer we are willing to stick to this simple plan the better our health will be. T...
  1.   August 14, 2013
  2.   Starch-Smart System
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Many of you are acquainted with our memory-jogging slogan "Beans, Greens, Squash and Yams" which is a definition of Starch-Smart® categories of food staples rather than the mandating of a restricted diet.  In fact, the Starch-Smart® System of Di...
  1.   August 13, 2013
  2.   Starch-Smart System
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