Lecture at South Austin Whole Foods Market Dr. Carney will be lecturing to a select group of individual participants in an Engine 2 Diet 28 day challenge on Thursday July 17th, 2014 in South Austin, Arbor Trails, Whole Foods Market. Last week they h...
Some of the "Healthiest" foods that are being recommended to us are often 'Very Highly Processed' according to our understanding regarding how food is processed. This even happens in the world of "Raw Foods" where the definition of "Raw" is sometimes...
  1.   July 2, 2014
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We launched our very own social network site. We welcome you to join in our family-friendly community site for plant-based whole-food, low-fat, high-nutrient lifestyle education and encouragement through social networking, knowledge exchanging, recip...
  1.   May 30, 2014
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So often we think of MODERN as good, or even best, and often it is when we consider technological advances  and all that technology has done for us (although there are negative effects as well). Nevertheless, the one place where MODERN is d...
  1.   May 26, 2014
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We are always grateful for grateful patients, especially when they are giving a shout-out to Dr. Carney in popular online interviews!  This one I want to share for quite a few reasons.  First and formost is that Mike is the unlikeliest pers...
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