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  about 4 months ago
Mike, Estrogen levels rise whether the milk is organic or not and whether the cow was grass fed or not. I will share with you some other articles about milk and dairy from Dr. Carney's site and hope that they will prove informative to you. [url=""]Can Diet Influence the Onset of Early Puberty?[/url] [url=""]Avoid the Negative Effects From Dairy by Choosing Plant Foods for Calcium[/url] [url=""]Milk Makes Estrogen Levels Rise[/url] [url=""]Dairy Products Promote Prostate Cancer[/url] [url=""]Site search for the word "Estrogen" on Dr. Carney's web site[/url] I hope these links prove useful to you and anybody else who finds your question. Sean Carney Web Administrator
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  about 5 months ago
Hello Vic, I would like to invite you to create an account here at so that you can become a part of some of the support groups and discussion groups. Thank you for your question. Feel free to ask more. After you are signed up as a member, notifications will be sent to you when anybody replies to your comment. Here are some discussions: Here are some support groups:
  about 8 months ago
You might like to watch Dr. Carney's video about the Best Blood Pressure Plan which is available as streaming media as well as in a DVD format:
  about 10 months ago
I believe you are probably correct. If you sign up for a free membership on this site, I will send you a link to watch Dr. Carney's video about craving and addiction. :-) It will be free until the summit ends.
  about 11 months ago
Hello Joan, Thank you so much for participating in the summit. We are grateful that you listened and are interested in Dr. Carney's videos. I just sent you a download code for the video Cancer Prevention & Women's Health before discovering that you had placed a comment here on Perfect Health Requires Perfect Circulation. Now, I am assuming this was the video you wanted to receive. So, for you... a bonus. I will also sent you a download code for this video. You should receive an email notification as I will be sending you a private message with the download code using Dr. Carney's private messenger application that operates on this web site. Sean
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