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Michelle McGee


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I am 60 years old, and a Seventh Day Adventist Christian. I went to college and studied biology and planned to become a nurse. I was not able to finish college and worked as a Certified Nurses Assistant (the more hands on and dirty work that I enjoyed doing as every work in nursing is serving the ill, and serving the Lord) from the time I completed my two years at college. I also love animals and was active in rescuing and adopting many homeless or unwanted cats and a animal advocate for stopping cruelty to animals worldwide, including the suffering of farm factory animals. I became a personal caregiver later in life before I developed some of the illnesses Dr. Carney teaches about and right before a final diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, I started a Plant Based Whole Foods Lifestyle and and gave up dairy - was always a vegetarian. I have lost a whole lot of weight since late 2016, almost 100 pounds! I had gained after losing most my family and two of my beloved cats I raised from kittens. I used to eat for comfort from being stressed, now I eat only to live, not live to eat. I learned some basic eating changes from Dr. Carney- who is a member of my church and dear lady! I still struggle with nerve damage and trying to reverse my illness withought the sometimes deadly medication. I enjoy the wildlife park I live in right here inside Austin, Texas and still active in educating not eating meat and rescuing animals from very horrific cruelty situations. So glad to become a part of this community!!??
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