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eCornell Certificate Program

eCornell Certificate Program

The Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Foundation and eCornell is a course developed by Dr. T. Colin Campbell Ph.D during his extensive years working in experimental research and public policy. This course uniquely considers nutrition from a scientific as well as a practical medicine point of view. The Certificate Program incorporates materials from The China Study. It also includes information from other leading experts in the field of plant based nutrition. There are three courses in this certificate program: Nutritional Fundamentals, Diseases of Affluence and Principle in Practice. While the course is not 'cheap', the information contained in these courses is priceless.

The courses, which are conducted online, allow you to work at your own pace. They are available with an additional 30 Continuiing Medical Education (CME) Credits for a small extra fee , so participants should be careful to sign up for the option that best fits their needs.

Going through this course will teach you how nutrition can greatly reduce your risk of lifestlye diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, obesity and more. You will learn how to improve the quality of your own life as well as to assist others in improving the quality of theirs!

The following short video is taken from the first few minutes of the first course and serves as an introduction:

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