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Starch-Smart® Social Site

Starch-Smart® Social Site

We launched our very own social network site. We welcome you to join in our family-friendly community site for plant-based whole-food, low-fat, high-nutrient lifestyle education and encouragement through social networking, knowledge exchanging, recipe sharing, news feeds, member blogging and more.

The Starch-Smart System® Social Site allows members to network socially in an environment very much like Facebook. You can connect with friends and follow them and it allows the creation of groups which is a very useful feature! The Starch-Smart® site also serves as a source of support for maintaining follow up after Dr. Carney has been traveling and presenting weekend health seminars. The question we are constantly being always is "How can we get support?" and "Where can we learn more?" and "How can we stay in touch?" to which we have always recommended the Engine 2 Extra social networking site. But, alas that site is no more. 

As much as we love the other Social Networking sites we realized a need to have our own site in which we would have more creative license. The Starch-Smart® System Social Site site is SSL secured for maximum privacy.  You can choose to make your personal social interactions at Starch-Smart® as private or as public as you feel comfortable. By default the site is geared towards more privacy within the Social Network although the Discussion Forums and Blogs are pretty much public. Membership is required in order to participate, including providing comments, and real names are used on the site to reduce negative behavior that we find often accompanies anonymity.

Some of the services on the Starch-Smart® System Social Network so far include:

More services are on their way!  You are invited to be a part of this solution! 

Some of the Rules of the Road for the site are:

Do Not Use: Meat, Oil, Dairy, Eggs, Fish, and Other Sea Animals, Refined Grains, Caffeine, Alcohol, Vinegar or Black Pepper
Discourage Use of: Processed Sweeteners, Baking Soda and Baking Powder

To learn more you can also read our Starch-Smart® Launch blog announcement at:

We look forward to seeing you at Starch-Smart.com

Click to Read the Starch-Smart® Terms of Service Here
Click to Read the Starch-Smart® Privacy Policy Here

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