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The New Health Club

The New Health Club

We have just been told about a web site called "The New Health Club" which endeavors to provide answers to the following three questions in ten minutes or less: 1) Why eat plants?, 2) How do I do it? and 3) Why is it so hard? They are not running an actual Forum like Starch-Smart or Engine 2 Extra. But, what they are doing is looking really nice and we wanted to promote their work especially since their current web architecture provides poor Search Engine Optimization (not making it easy for search engines to find and index the various content on their site).  Hopefully our links, to their site, from this page will also be a boost to them!

The graphic image (screenshot) we are displaying above contains a clever graphic to represent what they are calling "The New Food Guide" with three basic categorizations of ingredients based on the colors of a traffic light: Green, Yellow and Red. We found the approach very clever: Green: Enjoy Green-Rated Foods, Yellow: Limit Yellow-Rated Foods, Red: Avoid Red-Rated Foods.  Although to be quite honest three of the Yellow-rated food categories we would suggest moving to the Red-rated categories!  What we suggest should be avoided are 1) SOS Processed Plants, 2) Plant Oils and 3) Caffeine and Alcohol.  We also found a picture of a pitcher that appears to be milk under the category of Fatty Plants with the heading of "the Right combination of fats plus other amazing stuff". We are pretty sure it is actually a pitcher of almond milk. However, we would still like to suggest putting those "Fatty Plants" into the Yellow-rated category of foods to be limited!

We encourage you to visit their site and are very interested in your opinion of their new site! You are invited to sign up and join our Starch-Smart Social Site to discuss what you discover at The New Health Club. We have also invited them to join us there as well. 

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