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Starch-Smart® Community Site Launched

Starch-Smart® Community Site Launched

Become a Member: You are invited to join in our family-friendly community site for plant-based whole-food, low-fat, high-nutrient lifestyle education and encouragement through social networking, knowledge exchanging, recipe sharing, news feeds, member blogging and more. The Starch-Smart® Community exists to provide a place for learning, and sharing, about how a life of Starch-Smart® Dietary Care Extraordinaire - From Sun to Plant to Plate can help to prevent and reverse many disease conditions, improve overall health and assist in maintaining a normal body weight.

Early Adopters Needed: This is really a "BETA" launch in that the site is still not 100% complete, especially in the Recipes section which is essentially empty still. But, we are also at the point where we need people to help us by testing and stressing the system and then reporting any problems and bugs that are found.  Please consider being one of those people. You can also share this message with other friends who might like to register as Starch-Smart® Community Members.  In return we hope you will find the site also helps you!

Community With Purpose: The Starch-Smart® Community will allow members to network socially in an environment very much like Facebook.  The Social Network will allow you to connect with friends and follow them. It also allows the creation of groups which is a very useful feature!  Dr. Carney has been traveling and presenting weekend health seminars and the question we are always asked is "How can we get support?" and "Where can we learn more?" and so this site is our response.  After we leave the seminars we hope that the leaders who arranged the meetings will sign in and create groups and sign up their attendees as members. 

Current Feature Set: The site is secured using SSL security to safeguard your private information. Services include Social Networking as well as a Forum for asking questions and creating discussions. Our dream, of course, is that we will all help each other and develop a virtual knowledge base through this community forum. There is also a Blogging platform allowing Starch-Smart Community Members to create Blogs.  These blogs will hopefully help us to encourage each other. Another feature is a Recipe Sharing section on the site with 24 Categories of Recipes but no actual recipes or images yet. So, we do need your help!  If you want to share your recipes online, that meet the Starch-Smart® Criteria then please sign up and start uploading some recipes. The last section of the site is for RSS news feeds from Starch-Smart data sources.  At the moment the only feeds we have are coming from http://www.DrCarney.com which can easily be added to your personal web sites! 

Please consider helping us in the following ways:

Rules of the Road: The purpose of this site is to promote the Starch-Smart® System of Dietary Care Extraordinaire.  This site is expressly to help people find support and social interactions with like minded individuals. The simplified rules in a nutsell are as follows:

  1. Do Not Use: Meat, Dairy, Oil, Eggs, Fish, and Other Sea Animals, Caffeine, Alcohol or Vinegar
  2. Discourage Use of: Processed Sweeteners, Baking Soda, Baking Powder and Black Pepper

Note: The Internet is full of places where you can find and share recipes with the above ingredients.  We are trying to fill a different niche here and we ask that you would please respect our unique approach. You can learn much more about the Starch-Smart System here: http://www.drcarney.com/starch-smart-system

Click to Read the Starch-Smart® Terms of Service Here
Click to Read the Starch-Smart® Privacy Policy Here

Additional Starch-Smart Etiquette: 

  • Users agree to use family friendly language without the use of profanities since parents may still share portions this site with their children. As well, we really are not fans of profanity. If you feel you must vent then use special characters to denote your frustration such as &$#!@. 
  • Users agree not to flame (Aggressive and Angry Posts) other users regardless of differences of opinion.  This includes any form of harassment or attacks on the character of an individual. If we find somebody flaming others they will be asked to stop and if the behavior continues asked to leave, or worst yet, cut-off from the service.
  • Please report any aggressive and angry posting to the site Administrators. If you feel desperate to flame we have been told that potato chips are highly flammable. You might want to light some of them on fire instead. It is also a great way to show people how horribly greasy they are!
  • Please try to keep all discussion board posts on-topic.  We reserve the right to move a post that is off-topic to a more relevant discussion topic at our sole discretion.
  • Selling of products on Starch-Smart is expressly prohibited without our prior approval. Please contact us to seek permission. We may be open to creating some sort of advertising agreement with you but that will be at our sole discretion.  We are very particular about the type of products we will want to see promoted and we also do not want this to become a commercial marketplace.
  • Do not under any circumstances harvest email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, or any other personal information from this web site. 
  • Be extremely careful who you share personal information with. The site uses https (secure protocol) to hopefully protect your posts from being grabbed by 'sniffers' or 'robots' as people view pages on this site. But, we cannot guarantee the security of any information posted on this site except for our online store, which is not open yet.
  • This site is not to be used for the purposes of trying to raise money for any cause. If you have a cause that you want to raise money for please approach us and we may be able to work with you.  Again the decision to help will be solely at our discretion.  We want people to able to trust this site.

We look forward to developing a community of health together! 
Please do consider joining at https://www.starch-smart.com

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