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Click Here to visit the VegSource Forum. However, rest assured that VegSource is much more than a community forum! It is almost all things (vegetarian) to all people. They produce videos, provide recipes, gather informative articles, write biographical sketches, report on breaking news, follow plant-based celebreties, support animal rights, provide plant-based camps, produce music videos, and even promote homeschool. Think of VegSource as the Huffington Post, on vegan steroids, of the plant-based world. But, since this article is in a section about Online Forums please do make sure to Click Here for their Forum.

Our first encounter with Jeff from VegSource was when he came to an Engine 2 Immersion to create a promotional video in which Dr. Carney was fortunate enough to be included. VegSource produces the Jeff Novick videos which Dr. Carney shows on an almost daily basis to her patients. We were also pleasantly surprised to discover that they were the producers of the Video Processed People which we highly recommend. They also were very pleased to see that we had their Get Healthy Now poster on display in the make-shift Medical Clinic that we set up while providing Medical Supervision at the Immersion programs.

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