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Protective Diet Forum

Protective Diet Forum

We are happy to introduce you to the Protective Diet Web Site which is a Forum and much more. They are a "Mom and Pop" shop with a LOT going on! As is so often the case there is a Good Story to how they came to devote their lives to promoting an Oil, Sugar and Nut Free Plant Based Plan

The services they offer include Telephone Coaching, an In Home One on One "JUMP START", Private In Home Cooking Lessons, Free Cooking and Other Classes and more. They also maintain a very active Facebook Support Group. It is a good thing these folks are on a Protective Diet because judging by all that they are doing they probably could not maintain all that they do without it! 

Oh, and did we tell you that they have Recipes?  We love that they have found a niche with their emphasis on No Oil, No Sugar and No Nuts for a Protective Diet. Some of what you find here has pricetags but their rates seem reasonable and of course we always need to ask ourselves what is our health worth! The answer of course is that Good Health is Priceless!  Check out their site and then let us know what you think on our Starch-Smart System Social Network

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