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PlantPure Pods

PlantPure Pods

Dr. Carney has been involved since the inception of the PlantPure Pods by joining the ATX Alive Pod in Austin Texas. This Austin Pod started it's activities beginning with two screenings of PlantPure Nation at the Alamo Drafthouse in North Austin in which Dr. Carney was invited to conducted Question and Answer sessions after the showings. The community response to the movie, was significant which along with the Questions and Answers sessions helped to kick start the fabulous growth of the ATX Alive Pod. Most of the ATX Alive Pod leaders were already patients of Dr. Carney. Some of them had first become plant-based as a result of medical encounters with Dr. Carney in her office. The Video below is a beautiful introduction to the PlantPure Communities (Pods):

CarneysCommunitiesVideo.1.44.45 450x289

Dr. Carney encourages everybody to sign up at PlantPurePods.com to either join an existing Pod (Check the directory) or Start a Local Group in their area. If you have an existing group already that is not in the directory then please Register Your Existing Group

The Culinary Philosopy of the PlantPure organization is to create an environment where people can be encouraged to make changes to their diet without creating what they would consider a bland or boring diet. The elimination of nuts, seeds, avocados and other whole-plant foods is not taught. However, eating more than a modest amount of these foods is also not encouraged. Added salt and sugar is not encouraged but the idea is to not drive people from a whole-food plant-based diet by being overly strict about salt and sugar. Allow them a modest amount in their diet knowing that as taste buds heal their cravings for salt and sugar will naturally subside. Rather than being solely an Online Forum the PlantPure Communities have become a networking agency creating a virtual gathering place for empowering local community leaders to receive and provide community support and also to organize community activism. Each pod has autonomous leadership while working towards a similar goal. The Pod in Austin Texas runs a Facebook group called ATX Alive and holds monthly potlucks at various locations through the Austin Texas area.

CarneysCommunitiesVideo.5.33.34 450x357

In the video above Dr. Carney was pleased to find herself, with her husband appearing twice. Surprise. Try to find them. A little hint. They appear at 1 minute and 44 to 45 seconds and again at 3 minutes and 33 to 34 seconds. Don't blink. You might miss them. But, just in case small copies of the images have also been embedded on this page. 

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