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The Wellness Forum

The Wellness Forum

The Wellness Forum is not technically a discussion forum, or bulletin board, but is rather a complete package of wellness education and support. They have a facility in the Columbus Ohio area where they conduct programs and they also have an ongoing online food and personal products business a well as online sales and an online community. This is a membership only service for a fee that will teach you what Dr. Pam Popper has trademarked as Dietary Excellence™.

Some of the benefits offered by The Wellness Forum is a curriculum on basic wellness with books, DVD's and interactive conference calls. There is also a monthly opportunity for members to ask Dr. Popper questions about diet and health as well as another monthly opportunity to speak with Chef Del about food and food preparation. They also have a Members-Only web site!

The Wellness Forum is intentionally trying to be a High Touch business as opposed to a High Tech business.

The following video is a tour that was given to Gene Baur of The Farm Sanctuary at the Wellness Forum facility:

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