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Is it true that eating carbohydrates will make me gain weight?

Whole plant foods, which are rich in both complex and simple carbohydrates, do not promote weight gain and are an essential component of a Starch-Smart® diet. Whole plant foods are low in calories and nutrient-rich. The weight and volume satisfies our appetites, prevents cravings, & sustains human life. Carbohydrates (starches such as rice, corn, potatoes, whole grains, and vegetables) have fueled the bodies of human civilizations for thousands of years. Worldwide, and throughout history, populations of people that consume the largest amounts of carbohydrates from whole plant foods are the leanest, youngest looking, and most active. When these people groups migrate to more Western countries and begin eating the rich Western diet, they quickly become overweight and sick. When whole grains are processed and refined into white flour however, beneficial nutrients and fiber are removed, and the calorie concentration quadruples. This causes a spike in insulin production, which does promote weight gain. Therefore, a Starch-Smart diet empasizes whole, unprocessed carbohydrates.

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