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Engine 2 Extra

Engine 2 Extra

The Engine 2 Extra site seems to have vanished from the Internet. We are a bit sad because it wais a full fledged Online Support Community. It was an innovative and progressive service that was constantly improving and the community was growing larger by the day. The Forum was one of the MANY services/features of Engine2Extra. Members of the community were able to start their own discussions, join into an ongoing chat room and participate in online interviews and presentations by plant based luminaries. If you miss a scheduled presentation it would probably be uploaded to their video library for viewing at a later date. This service was a huge effort manned by a team of very dedicated people. However, have no fear, we have created a similar community, although not quite as ambitious community at https://www.drcarney.com/club and we would love to invite you all to join us.

That said, I do reiterate that the Engine2Extra Community was a wonderful service. Their famous 28 Day Challenge of Engine 2 was conducted monthly. So, if you missed the start of the challenge that is ongoing you can join the next one. This service is recommended by Dr. Carney to her patients in order to help them find support and friendship along their plant based journey.

We do understand how this type of incredible service is labor intesive to maintain, let alone, produce and so by necessity their site was membership fee driven. The membership fees were required to keep the site staffed. Thousands of people had become members. We understand how hard it is to support such a site but still wish for thousands more!

For more information about our current Social Network visit the Dr. Carney's Social Networking Site.

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