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  about 9 months ago
I'm in 100% agreement with you regarding fat consumption, especially saturated fat. I try to keep my fat calories at around 10% of my total calories.
  about 9 months ago
This study only compares fat from extracted oil, which we know is bad. What it doesn’t compare is fat from whole food sources like nuts, seeds, avocados, etc. That is basically what Chris was hoping to see in a study.
  about 9 months ago
If you were to compare avocado oil vs olive oil, you would not see much difference with regards to heart health or overall health. However, avocado being a whole food, packed with micronutrients and a decent amount of fiber compared to olive oil would be no contest. This, however, isn't based on any studies, but just my understanding of how things work.
  about 10 months ago
Here is some good info:
  about 1 year ago
I prefer this unbiased account:
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