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Can a Starch-Smart® diet help reduce the risk of prostate cancer?

Studies show that dietary factors play a major role in prostate cancer progression and mortality. Prostate cancer is a hormone sensitive cancer and is strongly associated with diets rich in dairy products, meats, and refined vegetable oils. Men who consume a high-fat, low-fiber, animal-based diet have higher testosterone levels and higher rates of cancer than men who consume a low-fat, high-fiber Starch-Smart® diet. Saturated fats and hormones found in meat and dairy products, and the lack of fiber in these foods promote an overproduction of sex hormones, increasing the risk of cancer. Dairy products in particular contain high levels of the compound IGF-1 and increased levels are found in men who consume dairy on a regular basis. Choosing a Starch-Smart diet removes extra hormones that encourages cancer cells to grow. It also reduces excess weight, and the micronutrient content supports a strong immune system; all of which greatly reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

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