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Jeff Novick's Fast Food Vol 4: Beyond the Basics

If you are familiar with Jeff Novick's Fast Food series, then you may recall that the first [installment] was Fast Food Vol 1 The Basics which teaches how to cook a nutritious and delicious meal in under ten minutes.

In this latest DVD, Chef Jeff goes Beyond the Basics to address some questions and concerns that have arisen from the first three instructional DVDs.

He demonstrates, in this DVD, how to cook simple, fast and affordable meals in less than ten minutes using vegetable stock or water rather than tomatoes and a variety of grains, including millet, barley and buckwheat.

If you desire to eat healthy but dislike spending time cooking then this Fast Food series is for you!

The beauty of Jeff Novick's Fast Food series is that it is EASY to stick with.

The recipe concepts are fast to make, inexpensive to produce and tasty to boot.

And, this DVD is more than just a cooking demonstration. It is loaded with hepful information.

There is even a PDF file on the DVD which allows you to print the recipes.


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