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Jeff Novick's Fast Food Vol 3: Shopping School

In this "Class" you will learn how to shop smarter to improve your health and decrease your waistline!

Walk with dietitian Jeff Novick through the aisles of the supermarket as he instructs you how to read labels of common food items, which nutrition facts to focus on and how to know what to believe.

Almost all food labels claim that the food is HEALTHY for you. Unfortunately labels cannot be trusted. 

Jeff will teach you quickly so that you will be able to easily judge for yourself.

You may be surprised to learn how many foods nearly universally believed to be a health item are deceivingly high in calories, sugar and sodium.

Jeff also give you his favorite 10 recommended packaged foods. 

Watching this video should help to provide you needed tools to make healthy choices habitually.

Some people have reported taking MANY pages of extensive notes when watching this DVD. So, watch it with a pen and paper nearby. 

We especially recommend that you pay close attention as he discusses how to read labels. Most of the information on the labels in the supermarkets is intentionally hard to understand, if not downright misleading.

With the system you will learn here confusion over label reading will become a thing of the past.


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