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  about 8 months ago
Thank you for this article--very clear and informative. You are always a great site for nutrition education!
  about 11 months ago
Great tips! Unsweetened applesauce has been my go-to for oil replacement in baked goods. It also helps my bread rise better when I make it. Oil is primarily used for moisture and a little flavor in baked goods and applesauce does not overpower the baked product. It is also light in texture so it is my favorite.
  about 11 months ago
I'm glad that home canning or freezing veggies didn't have the same effect!
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  about 1 year ago
Excellent article--what would be an optimum level for HDL and triglycerides? I want to be able to pass on sound health information. Thanks for your help!
  about 1 year ago
Totally awesome!
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