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T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D

T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D

Dr. T. Colin Campbell PhD, Nutritional Biochemistry, Cornell University has been a leader in the study of nutrition for many decades. He is an honest scientist whose research led him to repudiate all that he previously believed regarding the role of nutrition and health. Dr. Campbell, along with his son, is the author of the world famous book The China Study which we highly recommend for everybody read. 

The China Study was the largest study to date on nutrition and health. It has been referred to as the "Grand Prix of epidemiology" by The New York Times. There is no better book today regarding the science of nutrition. If you want nutritional truth then might we suggest that you order a copy of The China Study!

The life of T. Colin Campbell PhD was highlighted in the recently released movie Forks Over Knives which we cannot recommend highly enough. Becoming acquainted with T. Colin Campbell PhD has been a real highlight for us in our work. He is a researcher that we have looked up to for many years, and we still do! If you have not yet watched the movie Forks Over Knives we highly recommend you buy it and show it to all your loved ones! You can order it from our Amazon Storefront here. If you do not want to purchase it, there are quite a few options online for watching it such as at Hulu.com.

The video embedded into this page is from a TED Talk given by Dr. T. Colin Campbell in which he discusses a solution to the national health care crisis. He explains how we have erred in nutritional research by focusing heavily on single nutrients. He also demonstrates, from his reasearch how cancer can be turned on and off, which is good news for any of us that do not want to get cancer, or have any of our loved ones get cancer. Dr. Campbell also explores the exploding epidemics of childhood obesity, and Type II Diabetes, which is increasingly affecting our children.

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