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Do artificial sweeteners have a place in weight-loss programs?

Yes. The perfect place for artificial sweeteners is in the garbage. (ba da bing!) Unfortunately sweet tastes, whether experienced by sugar or by artificial sweeteners, increase our appetite.

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What about back pain and exercise?

If you suffer from back pain, it's always best to consult your personal physician before starting an exercise routine. Dr. John McDougall offers some advice concerning back pain and exercise in his April/May 1999 McDougall Newsletter. Click on the link to view the entire article. "Regular exercise may be the most potent weapon against back...

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What benefits can I see from walking regularly?

Dr. John McDougall lists a few of the benefits associated with walking regularly in his article: "Achieve 100% Health with Exercise" "Although dietary changes will take you a long way to being completely healthy, you will need some exercise to improve your fitness and well being. Exercise, as simple as a daily walk, can benefit...

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