August 18, 2018
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I have been too busy these past few months with a new shed (new one came, was a bust so it's being removed today and a new one put in), working out twice a week at the gym, riding bike on off days, working 9 to 10 hours a day and trying to plan menus and keeping up with the house, and grandkid that I have not had time to come in here to read more blogs/articles and get to know you all. That being said, I am down into clothes sizes I have not seen since jr. high and for that I am grateful. however, my iron has only gone up from 9 to 16 and i have surgery up and coming for a polyp, which my Dr. is hoping will help with the iron. if you have any tips for this I would appreciate it. My question has to do with blood pressure. I've been taking (reluctantly) the prescription my dr put me on. but I am also eating oats, taking vita K2 in the MK7 form to help with blood pressure but it's still hovering in the upper 140s into the mid 150s over 80-90 ranges. what can I do to raise my blood pressure? If this is already addressed i apologize and ask that you share the link. thank you and I hope to get in here soon! Lori
5 years ago

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