July 2, 2018
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I have my grandson every other weekend, and most times every weekend.  He has asthma and he also is allergic to dairy.  the sad thing is everyone wants to feed him dairy because thats his favorite . ie. Mac n cheese. pizza, etc...  my son asked him if he could get healthy by not eating dairy if he would, after contemplating it for a couple minutes Lucian stated he'd try it. Mind you, the lad is only 6.  

So, I'm looking for ideas that a kid will like.  I do things like apples with peanut butter (forgive me for the latter, but it is just peanuts no salt or oil).  but I need meal ideas that I can eat and he will enjoy!

4 years ago

I think for your grandson it might be necessary to master a cheesy sauce recipe or two. One site that specializes in vegan comfort food that is also whole food and plant based is Brand New Vegan by Chuck Underwood. He specilalizes in 'comfort food' which I suspect your grandson will love. 

There are other good sites as well but this is a great start. Also, I wanted to let you know that once you master a couple good cheesy sauce recipes it will be possible for you to experiment and come up with some of your own. We used cooked millet for cheesy sauces as the base and we also use cooked yucca.  I know that some people use cooked potatoes and cooked carrots. There really are options.

Once you have the cheesy sauce I think you might next go for a tomatoe sauce that your grandson will love. That should certainly get his little cheese loving heart kick started in a new direction. :-)


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