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  4. June 14, 2018
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I recently heard a lecture by Dr. Esselstyn on reversing heart disease. One of the food recommendation he made was to avoid sugar. I don't use table sugar or brown sugar anymore. I try to use whole fruit for sweeteners. But I am interested in having more info about this sugar link. Can you point me to books and/or articles that address this? I would appreciate it so much. 

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Interesting question. We also try to avoid sugars, except for fruits and dried fruits for the most part. Although as you will find out from people that follow McDougall, he allows some sugar (also salt) if that is what it is going to take to get people to change their diets to a whole food plant based diet. That certainly seems to make sense.

A search on DrCarney.com for the word "Sugar" gives the following results: 


Hope some of those are helpful to you! :-)

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