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    Greetings Karen,

    Thank you for joining us. I assume that you are part of the Plant Super Powers Free Online Summit. As you then know, we promised to give away a free download of your choice of one of Dr. Carney's videos to any who signed up there for the summit and also registered here.

    What you may not know is that we were totally unprepared for the amount of requests that came pouring in. We expected possibly dozens of requests but certainly not hundreds. This is a great problem to have. It shows that the Plant Super Powers Summit is truly successful in reaching people with a true message of health. Unfortunately, we became completely overwhelmed and are getting to all the requests as fast as we can.

    All you need to do now to receive your free video is to let us know which video you would like to download. Then we will send you a download code for permanent ownership of that digital file. This is where the bottleneck occurred. But, we will get to everybody as soon as possible. However, we are going to send this message out to everybody before we actually send out any more videos just in order to not leave anybody wondering what is going on.

    To make up for the above unforeseen situation we have placed one of Dr. Carney's videos on VIMEO for free viewing of all the participants in the Plant Super Powers Summit. While it is not a full digital download, it is available immediately as streaming media for everybody to watch while we contact each of you and process your specific video request.

    You can watch the trailers for all of Dr. Carney's videos at  https://www.vegvor.com/streaming and then just let us know which video you would like to receive. I will then send you a free VIMEO download code.

    Again, please do accept our apologies because we never anticipated the high level of demand for these videos and we are having a bit of trouble keeping up. But, we will get you your video. :-)

    We are so happy to have you here.

    Sean Carney
    Web Administrator
    Why We Do What We Do? - Controlling Cravings
    Why We Do What We Do? Controlling Cravings Video by Linda Carney MD uploaded for temporary free viewing during the Plant Super Powers Summit.
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