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Dr. Fuhrman's Secrets to Healthy Cooking DVD

This DVD serves as an introduction to a world of great taste and superior health.

Only through making the world's healthiest foods in your own kitchen can you really experience all the pleasure that the Eat to Live diet-style has to offer.

Once you understand these basic techniques and principles of high nutrient food preparation, you can take your health to the next level of nutritional excellence.

Dr. Fuhrman and his wife, Lisa, take you into the kitchen to demonstrate the techniques and principles behind preparing nutrient dense foods.

Learn how to prepare great tasting and high nutrient recipes.

By incorporating these recipes into your daily menu, you'll take your health to the next level of nutritional excellence! Dr. Fuhrman reveals his favorite recipes and general formulas for making: Salad Dressings & Dips, Soups & Stews, Main Dishes, Vegetable Smoothies, Ice Cream & Sorbets.


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