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Nedley Depression Recovery Program

Nedley Depression Recovery Program

The Nedley Depression Recovery Program is the most comprehensive treatment program for depression available in the United States. For 10 days, participants work with Neil Nedley, MD, and his team to uncover the root causes of depression while acquiring the tools they need to cope with their real-life situations back home. The program addresses the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects which affect mental well being. 

The program was launched after Dr. Nedley, a specialist in Internal Medicine, found that one in three patients seeking medical help is plagued by depression. Eighty percent of these patients find little to no relief from medication. Dissatisfied with these statistics, Dr. Nedley dedicated himself to studying the latest scientific literature and discovering the causes and most effective treatments for depression. His research led him to establish the Nedley Depression Recovery Program which has produced a 99.7 percent response rate in attendees. Beyond relieving depression, as an internist Dr. Nedley is able to treat the many physical and medical issues which commonly accompany this mental condition.

In addition to personalized consultations with Dr. Nedley, the program offers participants:

• Comprehensive health history review
• Full laboratory services
• Help in overcoming addictions
• Stress Management
• Daily interactive presentations
• Aerobic conditioning
• Flexibility training
• Delicious healthy meals

The physical components of the program are augmented by comprehensive mental health education that teaches participants the causes and core issues associated with depression and anxiety. Genetics, emotional development (including previous trauma), lifestyle (including physical exercise and light exposure-therapy), circadian rhythm, substance and non-substance addiction, multiple nutritional factors, toxins, social and cognitive causes, contributing medical conditions, and frontal lobe suppression causes and factors are all addressed during the live-in program. Treatment also focuses on the individual needs of each participant. Personalized cognitive behavioral therapy, nutritional therapy, light therapy, massage, contrast hydrotherapy treatments, and a tailored exercise plan are part of the program. Group therapy reinforces the concepts learned during the program and spiritual congruence therapy teaches participants how to use self-control to improve mental health.

The Nedley Depression Recovery Program has seen unprecedented results. Hundreds of patients have attended the program, many of them with treatment-resistant depression (which means that they show little to no response to medication). At the end of the 10 days, 99 percent of participants report significant improvement in their symptoms of depression with 54 percent saying that they experience total relief of symptoms. In a four month follow-up, participants report additional reduction of symptoms of both depression and anxiety.

In the video below, Dr. Nedley is interviewed by the host of a popular faith-based television program, It Is Written. He discusses depression and it's treatment, explaining many of the principles dealt with in depth during his live-in program. This video comes from a Christian television broadcast that makes frequent and emphatic references to God and the Bible as the true source for natural healing.

If you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms of depression, Dr. Nedley's Depression Test is a useful tool for gaging the depth of the problem and for discovering treatment options. Take the test here to learn more about the help, healing, and hope available for those suffering with the pain of depression.

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