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Plant Super Powers Free Online Summit

Dr. Carney's Plant Super Powers Interview With Jul Nov Dr. Carney's Plant Super Powers Interview With Jul Nov

PLEASE NOTE: We were a bit overwhelmed by the demand from this event. We are contacting every new user at DrCarney.com to find out which video they would like to download. We are then sending them download codes. This is taking a lot longer than we anticipated. Please be patient with us. Thank you.

In the meantime we are also making one of our videos available for free viewing during the Plant Super Powers Summit. The title of the video we are making available for everyone is "Why We Do What We Do?" and it can be viewed at 

My friend, Juliya Novolt (Jul Nov), Plant Based Health Coach, is hosting a free online video interview series called "Plant Super Powers: Harness the powers of a Plant Based lifestyle for natural weight loss, optimal health, and boundless energy".  This seminar is for anyone wanting to transition to a plant-based lifestyle or curious to learn more. I am really grateful to be one of the 24 hand-picked influential people being interviewed for this empowering event. 

You can gain access to these truly educational, inspiring conversations and possibly gain a whole new perspective about what plants can do as each of the speakers helps shift you into action towards having a MONUMENTAL change in YOUR own HEALTH, weight, and energy levels while also making a positive IMPACT on the PLANET! 

This is an amazing opportunity to not only hear about valuable scientific research, but profound personal experiences, and practical tips that can significantly advance you in the pursuit of your most outstanding health: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual! I invite you to join me and gain access to this exciting online event.

Special Bonus

I am offering a free digital download of any one of my six videos. To receive your video, simply do the following:

1) Sign up for the Plant Super Powers Free Online Summit

2) Sign up for a Free Membership right here on DrCarney.com

3) We will greet and welcome you, ask which video you would like to download, and send you a download key!

You can view trailers to help select your download at https://www.vegvor.com/streaming.

Plant Super Powers Speakers
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