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    Hi I just joined yesterday after hearing Dr Carney at the summit. Great talk! I had never heard about 17 ways caffeine inhibits weight loss. This helps a lot to overcome my long time on and off struggle with a diet coke addiction. I am a 71 year old man who has followed a vegan diet for over nine years.
    Sometimes my vegan diet has been very good and sometimes my addiction to Sugar, fat, and oil has sabotaged my best intentions. My diet has been good enough so far to stay out of the hospital but not enough to overcome markers of heart disease and diabetes and obesity. When my pre-diabetes recently climbed into the diabetes zone I knew my life depended on a new commitment to action. I have committed to the Heart Smartes Plan. Yesterday my first day on the plan was delightful. the food ways great and and I had no trouble waiting for the next mealtime. This new for me. Also drinking much more water is new for me as well. I can fell the benefits already. my weight is down in one day 1.5 lbs. ( salt) My Blood sugar is down. i feel deeply rested from more sleep and there is joy in my heart. I know I can do this with the support of this group. Thanks such for being here and for creating this website.
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