Increased intake of foods high in fiber, such as fruits and whole grains, may help ward off colorectal adenomas.

Colorectal adenomas are the precursor of colorectal cancer. This research work evaluated the association between adhering to a high fiber diet and the likelihood of developing colorectal adenomas. Researchers from the US National Institute of Health compared the diets of 3.591 patients with colorectal adenomas and 33,971 individuals without this condition. 

The team of investigators noted that the higher the frequency of consumption of fiber-rich foods, such as fruits and whole grains, the lower the risk of having colorectal adenomas. A 27% reduction in the odds of acquiring colorectal adenoma was found among high consumers of fiber-containing foods in this study. The findings of this study reveal that generous consumption of high fiber foods may help thwart the development of colorectal adenomas.