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  • How To Expand Our Health Influence?

    We often hear comments from our patients and the attendees at our lectures about wishing Dr. Carney could be cloned or taken home! People sense the need for a helping hand when they begin making lifes ...

    Monday, 30 March 2015
  • Concerned about Arsenic in Rice?

    Hardly a week goes by without some type of warning or health scare regarding what "is or isn't" in our food. Reports regarding arsenic in rice the past few years have raised concerns in health-conscio ...

    Thursday, 26 March 2015
  • Which Two Tools Make Success Easier?

    A question posted to our Starch-Smart System Discussion Forum prompted us to write a topical article which has been on our minds to write for a long time. That question was "Too many restrictions? Can ...

    Wednesday, 25 March 2015
  • Weight Gain Attributed to Eating Meat

    One of the many benefits of consuming a plant-centered diet is that it reduces body fat and helps us maintain a healthy weight. Studies confirm that individuals consuming diets based on animal pro ...

    Saturday, 28 February 2015
  • Houseplants and Cheap Fillers Found in Supplements

    According to an article written February 3, 2015 in The New York Times by Anahad O'Connor, many major retail supplements do not contain what they list on the label. They also contain ingredients ...

    Friday, 27 February 2015
  • Eating Chicken Promotes Male Feminization

    What are Phthalates? Consuming foods that contain Phthalates during pregnancy promotes genital abnormalities in male infants. Phthalates are chemical compounds that are used in a wide range of co ...

    Friday, 27 February 2015
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  • Juicing Removes More Than Just the Fiber

    Those making the transition to a nutrient-dense, plant-based diet typically begin drinking freshly made fruit juice in the attempt to provide additional nutrients to their diet. If you have been con ...

    Monday, 16 February 2015
  • Low-Carb Diet = Higher Rate of Mortality

    Everywhere we look, we are confronted with the outcomes of recent studies which tout the benefits of low-carb high-protein diets, saturated animal fats, coconut oil...and the list goes on. Because of ...

    Friday, 20 February 2015
  • Researchers Conclude Blood Type Diet is "Nonsense"

    The popular "Eat Right for Your (Blood) Type" diet developed by the naturopathic Norwegian physician Dr. Peter D'Adamo, regards ABO blood type as the most significant factor in recommending distinct ...

    Thursday, 26 February 2015
  • How do the Majority of Heart Attacks Occur?

    Because heart disease is called "the silent killer," many patients aren't aware that they have cardiovascular disease until they experience chest pain or have their first heart attack. In fact, 64% ...

    Monday, 23 February 2015
  • How Stomach Receptors Help us Lose Weight

    The food industry has become very successful at developing irresistible, highly-palatable foods that seduce our taste buds. Because today's food has had its components taken apart, scientifically re ...

    Tuesday, 17 February 2015
  • Lower Your Cholesterol Using Fiber!

    If you're tired of all the side effects from taking statins to reduce your cholesterol, you may be interested in trying another approach that's safe, side-effect free, and shown to reduce cholestero ...

    Thursday, 12 February 2015
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