A few years ago, a healthy eating index was created that measured the percentage of dietary calories that comes from phytochemicals in whole plant foods. According to the latest data representing the standard American diet, the typical American scores a woeful 12 out of 100. This means that 88% or more of the calories consumed daily come from meat, dairy, eggs, refined grains, oils, butter, shortening, candy, sodas, and potato chips. Based on these results, it's easy to understand why our country suffers from an epidemic of poor health and obesity related diseases.

Tragically, most people affected by this epidemic are misinformed by biased and inaccurate nutritional information that has inundated the media. Because of this, most people consider their diets to be healthy. Yet a healthy diet rich in phytonutrients would score a perfect 100 on this index. This can easily be achieved when 100% of calories come from whole, unprocessed grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts and seeds. If you're interested in seeing how your diet compares, watch Dr. Michael Greger's four minute video. Then head to your favorite grocery store to begin your journey towards optimal health!

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