Eating Out? No Problem!

Ok, so you've made the transition to a healthier, whole-food, plant-based diet, and you have been doing really well preparing your own meals at home. But ... You've just been asked to go out to eat with your friends at a restaurant. Now what? Don't lose hope. Watch this short video clip from the PCRM's Kickstart Your Health Program to learn how to select health-supporting items from the menu.

Many times, you can go to the restaurant's website and look at the menu ahead of time. This gives you time to go over it over thoroughly and decide beforehand what you will choose.

Restaurants also have vegan entrees that they don't always list on the menu, so it's a good idea to ask your waiter if there are any vegan options. The side dishes are excellent choices too. If you order a side dish of sautéed veggies, you can mix it with a side order of rice, or bring your own whole grain wrap along to create a delicious veggie wrap! You may also ask the waiter to leave off the oil, dressing, cheese sauce, etc., like this video suggests. By bringing your own salad dressing in a small container, you'll also be able to enjoy a fresh salad just like at home. Don't be afraid to ask questions, make exchanges, or leave off unhealthy items when dining out. After a few times, you'll see just how easy it can be.

Of course, many restaurants may carry only the processed version of foods, for example, white rice or pasta. If there aren't any vegan-friendly restaurants in your town, just do the very best that you are able to, then resume your normal diet when you return home. (This PCRM video suggests using vinegar as a flavoring on salads, etc., however, for those that are reversing illness, Dr. Carney advises to avoid vinegar. For those with heart disease, and other serious conditions, please be very cautious when dining out.)

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