Hope for Multiple Sclerosis

This embedded video discusses a previous study with 5,000 people conducted over 16 years showing they could reduce MS by 95%. Basically he states that if a person went on the low-fat diet they had less than a 5% chance of their MS getting worse over a 16 year period.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory disease that affects communication between the nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Basically the bodies immune system damages the myelin. Presently the accepted medical stance is that there is no known cure for multiple sclerosis. Most treatments can only try to prevent more attacks and prevent disability and the MS medications often are not very well tolerated and so many people seek alternative treatments. For a detailed analysis of MS you can read the Wikipedia article on Multiple Sclerosis.

Is Anybody Studying Diet and Multiple Sclerosis?

Currently there is an exciting study, which is costing Dr. John McDougall, MD about $750,000, with the hope to demonstrate that MS can be stopped in its tracks through a low-fat plant-based diet. We are looking forward to some exciting results being published soon. Dr. McDougall, who designed the study, chose to throw all of his research foundation's money at the problem of MS because he felt that if he could prove that the plant-based diet (with less than 20% of calories from fats) will cure MS, then he would effectively be throwing a rock at the biggest window (of misconception) in health care today. He feels that when he proves that MS can be stopped by a plant-based low-fat diet then people will realize the power of the diet for aiding in the cure of other diseases as well.

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Currently Dr. McDougall is leading the charge on this war against MS. You should be able to communicate with him directly if you have more questions. He is very open to helping people!

Here is another video entitled "Dr. Roy Swank, Multiple Sclerosis Cure":

The following is a lenghtly detailed presentation entitled "Dr. Roy Swank: Multiple Sclerosis Pioneer":

Diet and Multiple Sclerosis from John McDougall on Vimeo.